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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 23, 2020

This episode I speak once again to Mike Tuñez of Firelock Games. Firelock Games are most renowned for their historical skirmish games set in the 1600-1700’s, thats the age of privateers, pirates, and freebooters to you and me. As this show is live Firelock are in the midst of a new Kickstarter campaign designed to produce a giant section of all their minis in plastic. I am a huge plastic fan, mostly due to the weight, ease of transport, the forgiving nature when you drop it, but also the customization that can occur between models within ranges. I also love the new plastic ships Firelock are beginning to produce. You can grab a 28mm plastic Sloop in this campaign, I have signed up for 3. I cant think of any other plastic minis in this genre on the market right now, or indeed a plastic Sloop of this scale so I am super excited, and not just about that but also because Mike and Firelock are superb people and they deserve every success. 

As you know, the show isnt a sales pitch, Mike and I discuss beard maintenance, the broad range of products offered by Firelock, how difficult it must have been living in that era, an a whole bunch of other things as they occur. 

If Firelock’s current campaign does appeal to you or to someone you know then check it out, its a great way to support great people and get yourself some cool hobby/gaming challenges too.