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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Mar 30, 2018

This week I talk once again to Mr Gav Thorpe about 3 of his recent/upcoming releases in the Black Library.

They are 3 diverse subject areas and mediums covering audio & written format and 3 totally different sets of characters. Its always fun to talk to Gav as he is really open and gives great opinions about his craft...

Mar 23, 2018


Jonathan Chey

This week I talk to Jonathan Chey of Blue Manchu.

This episode is a little bit off the beaten track but there are loads of cross overs into tabletop/painting world. Jonathan’s company creates video games, and I have bumped into his work many times in the past...

Mar 16, 2018

This week I talk to Jason Burris, a Paint All The Minis page member and also someone who really cares about developing rpg/tabletop/& board gaming in his community.

As we mention in the show Jason has been living in the same area for many years and has also been going to the same local game store. When he felt that the...

Mar 9, 2018


Graham McNeil

This week I talk to Graham McNeil a world famous author best know for his work in the Games Workshop Fantasy and sci fi universes.

What I like most about this podcast is finding out about the person behind the printed names we see on the products we buy. Up until speaking to him,...

Mar 2, 2018

This week I talk to Stephan Rath, a native of Germany.

Stephan is such a modest person, he explains amazing feats as mere trifles. He is not only a multiple slayer sword winning painter but he is also the creator of a great range of painting handles.

Painting handles as you will hear in the show allow you to brace your...