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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Mar 27, 2020

Get your ticket for the 11th-13th April here:

This episode Josh  B and I have a bit of chattage about the Paint All The Minis Online Convention, or PATMOCON 2020 as it is. What we hope to do with this podcast is share with you the key information  about the event so you...

Mar 19, 2020

Your Event, Your Community, Your Hobby.
Click the link below to get your ticket to hang out with us.....
Tickets cost 7.50GBP for a 72 hour Pass which includes…
  • A 3 day 72 hour convention (48 ‘live’ hours) Hosted on a specially designed Discord server. Invites...

Mar 16, 2020


Been some new developments with the online convention, most notably the name, so have a listen and see who's confirmed!

I hope that you guys are pumped to attend and that you will feel it is something to look forward to in the coming weeks. 



Mar 15, 2020


Here is the TLDL (Too Long Didn't Listen) version of the PATM Online Con announcement and info as of March 15 2020

Mar 15, 2020


PATM are having a convention to assuage all the negativity of travel/mass gathering bans which have cancelled the conventions in 2020. We also want to give people who may not have experienced a convention before the opportunity to share in the magical experience. 

Here you can listen to my thoughts, reasons, and...