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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Mar 19, 2020

Your Event, Your Community, Your Hobby.
Click the link below to get your ticket to hang out with us.....
Tickets cost 7.50GBP for a 72 hour Pass which includes…
  • A 3 day 72 hour convention (48 ‘live’ hours) Hosted on a specially designed Discord server. Invites to the server will be sent April 10th via the email you provide:
  • A downloadable Swag Bag,
  • A Vendor Hall with Convention Special Offers,
  • Numerous Virtual Booths allowing you to interact with content from some of the industry’s biggest companies
  • Live chat & Q&A with some of the industry’s most interesting people
  • Painting challenge!
  • 10% of all proceeds going to the Models for Heroes Charity
Your FREE Digital Swag Bag including…
  • (With EVEN MORE to be announced)
  • Quiz entry to win 75GBP to spend in the vendor hall (1:100 chance for all)
  • Access to our Painting Challenge with 50GBP to the winner to spend in the Vendor Hall
  • Free PDF download of the PATM skirmish game beta rules
  • Free PDF download of a home-brew Black Sails scenario
  • 20% off PATM merch
  • 15% off the PATM annual 2020
  • 10% of your ticket goes to our awesome charity Partner: Models for Heroes,(charity using modeling to help people)
You will get event special deals from:
Interact with some of the top names in the industry through our live video chats…
Dave Taylor Miniatures: Entrepreneurs Alley, bringing you new/smaller games/minis you might not have seen yet but need to!
Joseph McCollough, writer of Frostgrave & Rangers of Shadow Deep to name just a couple
You will be able to access online booths where games/companies you know and love will give you access to content and opportunities to interact with them..
Dave Taylor Miniatures: Entrepreneures Alley