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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 9, 2020

This episode I speak to Richard of Folded Space. Folded space create a range of storage and game organization aids for board games, a number of which contain minis. I personally bought their Mansions of Madness insert recently and it has been fantastic. It was cheaper & lighter than other inserts I had seen. This makes shipping cheaper and also. Plus it was pretty logical to put together and because of the material used it doesnt add much to the weight of the box. The only unknown would be long term durability but after a good few plays of the game  it all looks secure and sturdy and I  am confident it will stand the  test of time. 


Richard moved to Sofia Bulgaria in 1998, he did lots of other things before stating Folded Space and from a personal point of view it was not just interesting learning about his business but also about his journey that has taken him to this  point. I have been in Sofia for over 2 months now so was interesting to hear his insight.