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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Feb 15, 2019

This week I speak to Mr Dan Faulconbridge of Wargames Illustrated. Wargames Illustrated is a monthly magazine by war gamers for war gamers that comes in both a physical and electronic format. They also offer a Prime service where you can get a more in-depth experience in the form of video content plus also access to their back catalogue which is certainly worth a look.

Another little sweetener to the deal, and something Dan mentions in the show is the free models you can receive with Wargames Illustrated. You can pick up the magazine and get some models that can be a fun change of pace or equally the beginning of a new journey in the hobby.

It was brilliant talking to Dan for a number of reasons & it was great to hear a little of his story and get to know him. The conversation is a little garbled in a couple of sections due to a poor connection on Skype but these sections are pretty integral to the chat, around 11 minutes is one such areas. Apologies for this, it is a rarity, but the upshot is that I am sure I will have to extend another invite to Dan from the show and do another in the future.

I hope you enjoy our chat and finding out more about a great guy in the hobby community.