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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Dec 7, 2018

This week I talk to once again to Joseph McCullough the man behind Frostgrave, ghost archipelago & most recently Rangers of Shadow deep.

I always enjoy talking to Joseph as he is a really down to earth and open guy. In the show we talk about what has changed since I spoke to him back in episode 66 and also about his bridging of choose your own adventure, RPG, Coop, and, tabletop skirmish gaming that is Rangers of Shadow Deep.

As I mention heavily in the show I love Joseph’s work for the reason that he lays the table but we get to interact with his feast in our own way, building your Ranger and his band, choosing their traits and talents even before the game has begun adds a layer to the game that means it is super immersive and engaging. If you haven’t checked out Rangers of Shadow Deep yet then make sure you do as it is a great game with more content incoming!

Thanks to Joseph for taking some time out of his very busy schedule to talk to me, it was a pleasure as always.