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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Feb 1, 2019

Hello and welcome to a special patreon podcast I have put together as a thank you to the patrons for generously donating some of their hard earned money to PATM to support our community growth and development. I really appreciate it and hope that you enjoy the chat that Joe Veltre and I had.

In the show I challenge Joe to some riddles, we tell the world alternate descriptions to game we know in the ‘the game it should have been’, we also play Ach Ja oder Ich dont think so, where I read Joe game names and he has to decide if he thinks they are real or made up. We also talk about a host of hobby things too.

If you are listening to the short teaser on the regular podcast stream then you can get access to this by supporting us via Patreon. We want to grow and support our community and also help out with community projects, Patreon will allow us to do that. Any funds will go to improving and growing what we do. We hope you enjoy what we do and that you see the value in supporting us.