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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Apr 20, 2018

This week I talk to James Hewitt formally of Games Workshop & Mantic, but most recently stepping out with his own company Needy Cat Games. I am not going to list his works, we talk about those during the show but what I will say is that it is fantastic to see him forging ahead with his own company and my biggest take away from the chat is that James is a great bloke and he is highly thought of by a great many people within the industry.

One final thing about James is that his most recent work, Hellboy by Mantic Games comes out onto Kick Starter next week, from the 25th of April 2018. It looks really really good, and no doubt with James behind the wheel in terms of rules direction it is going to be a fun game. If you want to know more about hellboy after this show then go back and listen to episode 57 with Ronnie Renton, we talk about it more in there. We wish it every success.