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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 3, 2022

In this episode I speak to Mr Scott Radom, a long serving Paint All The Minis page member, awesome painter, and positive contributor.

We talk about his roots in Canada, his early playing & tournament experience, his move into trying to paint his minis at a higher level and most, most, importantly his profile picture. It was a pleasure talking to Scott and getting to know someone you have e-known for such a long time but never had a super long actual conversation with. Its a bit weird at times in the modern world isnt it. You can end up with friends who you never never physically seen, with names like Swampwombat34 or whatever. So it was nice to talk to Scott for a full episode and pad out more of the fuzzy image I had of him. 

I hope you guys are all ok and doing well. Dont forget to reach out and message if you feel the need, its always nice to connect with you all. If you want to have a sniff around our Discord server then just email and you can come and participate in our weekly quiz, weekly online league, monthly painting activity and loads more. Its the full package of caring for our fellow nerds.