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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Mar 10, 2022

We talk about our feelings and observations about Kickstarter, we recorded this on our PATM discord server (email if you want in to this) and my job in the chat was to voice my own ideas on KS but also to play devils advocate at times and tease out Zach’s ideas and views. 

It was an interesting conversation and one I feel we all need to have with ourselves if we havent already as personal control and knowing yourself is critical if you are going to make more decisions that you believe to be correct than otherwise. Knowing what you like/dont what makes you feel good/doesnt is imperative so that we aren’t used as a tool by others for their own intended aims. 

We tried to make the chat balanced, positive, and insightful, giving us both, and possibly yourself food for thought about your own antics and actions, but that is up to you isnt it. It doesnt matter what I say and do, that doesnt affect you, it all comes down to you, and if you are happy then do that, if you aren’t then try something else. I will leave it there as I dont want to tread on the episodes toes, as mentioned already if you want to talk about more stuff like this then grab your space hopper and bounce on over to the PATM discord as I always value external input when figuring out my own direction on things.