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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 16, 2020

This episode I speak to a stalwart member of the  PATM team and discord server, Mal. Mal is a huge positive presence in our discord community and consistently gives to our group, inspiring and empowering as he goes. We shared an hour and a bit of our time together and talked a lot about people. Our hobby involved, and therefore revolves around people and what they choose to do, not do, and how they conduct themselves. We have a wide ranging chat from RPG’s to Co op games, a sprinkling of competitive games, and a whole bunch of other stuff in-between, there is even some terrible dad jokes in there too. 

This was recorded directly form our discord server Sunday night paint hang out, and we roll into a live post ramble ramble with the group that were able to listen in live and we have a chat about technological advances we may see in our hobby in the not too distant future, its all pap by the way so dont expect to actually see an of these things.