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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Jan 16, 2020

This episode marks pretty much 3 years of podcasting shenanigans and hijinx, it has been a fun journey so far. 161 fun episodes with a massive assortment of guests from interesting backgrounds has been a rip-roaring ride and it has been great to share in the awesome stories. Thanks to everyone who has been listening in whether this is your first episode or your 161st, we’ve come a long way and it has been a pleasure to spend my time with you all. 


Fate has decreed that the 3 year anniversary episode is an episode of special import, I speak to Mr Duncan  Rhodes who has been possible the most recognizable face in our hobby over the last 5 years. Certainly since I began the hobby just under 5 years ago. Duncan’s positive demeanour, chipper attitude, and cut the bullcrap approach to painting tutorials whilst part of Games Workshop have been a great help to hundreds of thousands of hobbyists all around the world. In the show Duncan and I have the usual Paint All The Minis ramble, covering a wide variety of areas, it was a pleasure to speak to him and I hope you enjoy the chat.