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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Sep 13, 2019

This episode I speak to Brent Amberger of the Goobertown Hobbies Youtube Channel. Goobertown Hobbies is a youtube channel I personally really enjoy as there is a lot of thought, depth, and insight included in the videos I have watched.

In an age of clickbait and also lots of videos/content that appears to have been put together to over promise and underdeliver I find Brent’s videos to be insightful and interesting. The way that he does his videos I appreciate, he never seems to be ‘selling’ anything, he just seems to be sharing his thoughts and his ethos, which is something Ii really enjoy.

It was great talking to Brent and it is yet another positive byproduct of this podcast for me personally that not only do I get to find channels like Brent’s but I also get to spend an hour chatting to him, it was a fun chat and I hope that you enjoy it too.