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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Feb 8, 2019

This week I speak to Drek from both PATM and the Gamer Drek youtube channel. At PATM we have been working with Drek for a few months so I thought it was high time to get to know him a little better and to also tip our hats to him for his most recent series he did for us.

He loves both Drop Fleet and Drop Zone commaner, games now owned by TT Combat. Drek put together a whole getting started series of videos for Drop Fleet from a cinematic narrative of the lore to unboxing, painting, and playing your first game. It was really great so if you like orbital space combat then. Give it a look. The rule book is beautiful also so make sure you check it out.

It was fun getting know Drek a little more and I hope you enjoy his work on PATM.

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