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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Nov 12, 2017

In this special early release show I talk to Mr Ronnie Renton about all things Mantic. Ronnie formed Mantic about 8 years ago and over that time he has produced some cracking games. What initially drew me to Mantic was the ethos behind the games. As we discuss in the show I have found Mantic games to be very reasonably priced and are also very welcoming, they are not overbearing, they ease you into the action and make the game fun and ingratiating. Mantic currently have an active kickstarter. For the next 5 days until the 17th of November 2017. They are running a project for Kings of war: Vanguard a skirmish game based int he fantasy setting in kings of war. If you have not encountered Mantic or Kings of War before then I encourage you to go and check it out as it offers a great price point for making your first steps, especially when you factor in the stretch goals.Vanguard Kickstarter: wargame?ref=nav_searchMantic Website: