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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 18, 2019

This week I speak to Leandros of Parabellum Wargames. Parabellum recently fully released their tabletop fantasy game Conquest, The Last Argument of Kings. I mention this throughout the show but one of the overriding features of this tabletop massed battle game is how developed it appears to be on its initial release. Also which is really refreshing is that they went straight to market and did not crowd fund. There is nothing wrong with crowd funding per say but it is refreshing to see a game eschew this and go through more traditional methods. Alessio Cavatore of River Horse is the chief rules writer and in a pretty competitive market there are enough things in the game to make it stand out. 


We aren’t salesmen and we aren’t looking to influence you in either direction but if you like the sound of what you hear then you can head on over to  and have a mooch around. I personally really enjoy their art work and the fact that Alessio created it makes me take note as I enjoy his sophistication through simplicity approach. 


It was great spending an hour with Leandros and we wish both him and Parabellum all the best in the future. We hope you enjoy the show.