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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 13, 2019

This is a special bonus episode for you guys because why not! 

I speak to Caleb from Krakenships. Krakenships is a new company that seeks to fill gaps in fantasy RPG and skirmish model sets. If you are looking for non traditional models as you avatar for your RPG and skirmish games then Krakenships might just be for you. Turtle dudes, cat people, and non traditional wood elves came up in our chat as well as the opportunity to visit their website and request certain things. They are also on the last couple of days of their first kickstarter campaign as this comes out (October 13th) so if this sort of thing interests you then toddle over and have  a look see. 

It was really interesting talking to Caleb about his personal history and also his motivations. Krakenships seem s an  interesting  company that looks to provide things that might not currently on the market and that is always pretty cool. As with all shows it is the personal story that is the main concern and it was great to hear of a motivated guy not taking no for an answer and just doing stuff he loves and trying to make our hobby a better and more diverse place. All the best in the future Caleb,