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Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble

Oct 11, 2019

This week is the 4th and final episode in our mini series where we go into greater depth in what we feel we mean with the term sustainable gaming. Remember this term was created to try to get to grips with the hobby more and to give us pause for thought in regard to what we get and what we want out of the hobby  to make it the most enjoyable as possible. 


If you remember we defined it as ‘enjoying the hobby and participating for the longest time possible, understanding what we like about the hobby and what we dont, controlling it and avoiding situations where it controls us’.


We have linked this definition to 3 key areas: Playing regularly, painting regularly, and not overbuying models & games. Plus we have also had a bit of a natter about how this hobby may positively or negatively effect our personal mental, physical, & social health. 


This episode we delve a little deeper into playing regularly and also social health. 


As I mention in the show I find this the most challenging as my physical and mental health I feel a lot more in control of. I must also at this point explain what I mean by the term 'superficial friend’. I use this term a lot in the show to explain the depth of friendship with certain people. After the show when I was editing I felt this might have a negative connotation, it isnt intended to. What I mean when I say superficial friend is that they are my  friend, I enjoy their company but they  aren’t the sort of friends that I would ask to help me move house, to be my best man, or share sensitive personal information with. 


Secondly, my gaming buddy selection system may be a little creepy! I didn’t think  it was odd but when  I verbalized it, it seemed a bit weird. I dont know, you make  your own mind up but I am always looking for new gaming buddies and dropping wee hints here and there and seeing what their reactions are. 


This was the final chat with Mr Fish, I do hope to get him on again to chat abbot more stuff as I genuinely enjoy his attitude and his outlook. Many thanks to the Patrons who allowed me to send Mr Fish his copy of Bloodbowl that had been sitting in his amazon cart for months. We were able to send him that to say thanks for his time, and because of that I say thanks to you! 


I am always incredibly reluctant to talk about our Patreon page as it doesnt go into Dan-o’s personal navel strength rum fund, all that money goes directly back to our community and allows us to say thanks to Ignatius in this way. If you are interested then check out If not then no drama.